Current Golf Ballspeed World Record

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Ball Speed


Ballspeed (mph)Clubspeed (mph)PlayerDateDeviceLink
241.6Kyle Berkshire05.10.2023Trackman
240.8166.4Seb Twaddell07.04.2023Trackman
239.3Martin Borgmeier02.04.2023Trackman
236.8159.7Kyle BerkshireTrackman
236.7163.7Seb Twaddell Trackman
236.6157.4Ryan GregnolTrackman
236.2158.2Kyle BerkshireTrackman
234.4Kyle BerkshireTrackman
233.4155.3Kyle Berkshire22.12.2022Trackman
231.9155.5Martin Borgmeier01.03.2020Trackman
230.2152.6Kyle Berkshire24.11.2019Trackman

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Current Golf Ballspeed World Record